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Writing since childhood, but published in 2014, Mati spent her life watching, listening, and journaling those moments that mattered. Raised in the small town of Anderson, California, Mati shares her heartfelt adventures with us. An advocate for those suffereing from emotional abuse, Mati dives deep striving to touch your soul with truth and reality, with a flare of love for the romantics at heart.

Although raised in a small town, Mati, the daughter of a retired Naval Officer, she finally settled for nearly 30 years in San Diego before finally following her dream to live near siblings in Arizona, where she resides happily.

Mati is an animal lover who loves to kayak, swim, and spend time with her family. Professionally, Mati had the privilege to be mentored by Susan Vreeland, Author of Girl in Hyacinth Blue, among other works. She was also mentored by Kathy Ver Eecke, as well as, Eva Shaw, a past college Professor who loved her work and encouraged her to never give up on her gift of writing.

Mati's favorite authors are: Judy Blume, Susan Vreeland, and Nicholas Sparks, but her favorite author of all time is Terri Blackstock, who she claims has inspired her to write with boldness.

"Writing is a vulnerable and humbling act of art." Mati shares. "Rejection is not always a reflection on the talent, it is merely a redirection. Write because it is your passion and allow your work to become uninhibited."